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Kingston, Ontario


OMG. The most delicious meal. All of it! Sooooooo good. Thank you so much. Every part of it. Yummy. We don't order food often, I mostly cook., this meal was a delight. I will have to do this more.

M. June 2020

I need these cookies like no one has ever needed cookies before!


June 2020

Hey, just have to tell you - I'm baked, and I've got your mac and cheese in the oven, and I'm SO EXCITED to eat it!!!

C. March 2020

I just wanted to reach out and let you know that the grad cake and cinnamon buns were absolutely delicious! Literally the best desserts I’ve ever had!! The salted caramel flavour was so so amazing and we loved the chocolate cake. The cinnamon buns were so giant and tasty as well! Thank you so much for the yummy vegan desserts, we loved every bite of them and will definitely be ordering more in the future! 

H.S Nov 2021

I had a surprising lunch buffet at Eminence last Saturday. Just wanted to say how much I loved your vegan tapas! I am a born Bavarian and I am not a vegetarian. This was a fantastic experience. The seitan!!!! The dips! Fabulous!
Glad you are doing this. Looking forward to my next vegan meal.

C. Jan 2019

So so happy we were able to have you guys. I literally can not thank you enough for all your hard work- time not only preparing meals and serving but for responding to all of our emails and meeting with us multiple times before! I knew we made the right choice by picking you guys before anything else! You guys killed it last Sunday. One of my regrets from that day is not having you guys come up and get a round of applause because you deserve it. You’re food was just amazing in every way and your staff was so kind and sweet to our guests. Everyone and I mean everyone was raving about your food. You did it. You got my old Italian meat eating uncles to eat vegan, if only for one night! I owe you haha.

R. Sept 2019